By Control House

I want the "real world" status of my RV battery but, the lights on my RV indicating gauge say that my battery is full...or charging...or 2/3 full...or...or...what the heck does that mean. Or like my wife says, "I can't read this stupid thing".

Do you really want to know what your battery is doing? Would you like to get an actual voltage reading? Don't want to run wires all through your camper, cut holes and rig something up? You know, I'm pretty good with drills and saws and tools, but my wife is freaking out that I'm gonna hack away on my brand new camper.

Enter BattStat. BattStat monitors your RV house battery and give you a report right there on your portable Android device.

Use that drill and screwdriver to install BattStat in your battery compartment and monitor your batteries status within minutes. Got to use the tools and didn't even do permanent damage to the camper!!

BattStat application is available on Google Play or click below.

Download the Battstat Android App 

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