Honda EU3000is Remote

By Control House

Honda Generator 

It's the finest remote made for the Honda EU3000is. Why? Because you don't really need a remote after all! Just an Android device. This remote allows you to start the generator with a press of a button. The choke will automatically engage and the generator will start with the economy mode disabled. The remote allows for two choke positions one for a cold start, the other for a warm start. If the generator is running, you can toggle back and forth to and from economy mode. You can shutdown the generator with another button. All the original generator controls continue to function.


This remote can come with an optional RF transmitter/receiver. That means all functions are capable with the keychain remote.

The remote installs with just a few tools. No drilling required. Connecting the control wiring will require crimping a few terminals and soldering a few wires.



The EU3000IS remote mounts with double sided tape. The choke servo is mounted above the air cleaner using a specially designed bracket that is held in position with a set screw. A cable attaches from the servo motor to the choke linkage. There is no need to remove the air cleaner to install the choke bracket.

Honda EU3000is Remote


There is a 6 position removable terminal block on the side of the EU3000is remote. These terminals connect the control to the generator. A 2 position removable terminal block also on the side of the control connects the remote to the 12 volt battery of the generator. When not in use for over 20 hours, you can turn the control off with a switch located on the side of the control to preserve battery power. The switch is accessable by opening the cover to the air filter compartment. The choke servo motor plugs into a header on the top of the remote. Please see the connection diagram by clicking the link below.


Honda Remote Connection Diagram

Honda EU3000is Remote Installation Instructions

Honda EU3000is Android App

After Installing the Android Application:

  1. Turn on your remote control power and Goto Setup on your device

  2. Select Bluetooth

  3. Select More Settings

  4. Under available devices select EU3000is or the unrecognized device with numbers divided by colons like 20:16:08:26:38 which is the Bluetooth device address

  5. When asked to pair enter PIN number 1234

  6. EU3000is will now show under paired devices

  7. Close settings

  8. Start the application

  9. Click the Connection button

  10. Select the EU3000is

This proceedure should only need to be performed once. Afterward, the device will remember the registration address.