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What is IntelliVerter?

IntelliVerter is a device that connects to your RV inverter using the remote port*. Once connected, it cycles the inverter automatically in order to s - t - r - e - t - c - h the reserved battery life of your coach. This control economizes your inverter usage. Extending the time between charges.


Why is it needed?

The modern RV relies more and more on battery power. While driving or connected to shore power, the batteries have the opportunity to charge. When not connected to one of these power sources, the coach relies on the power stored in the house batteries. The batteries then supply the electrical requirements of the coach. That includes essential loads such as:

·      Lighting

·    Furnace

·    Refrigerators

·    Water pump

·    Monitoring devices including LP leak detectors

·    Small electronic DC powered devices like small TV's

In addition to these required loads, the batteries supply power to devices that make our RV a home away from home. Devices that require AC current and that operate off of inverter power like:

·       Residential Refrigerators supplied in many modern coaches

·       Televisions and satellite equipment

·       DVD and CD players

·       Stereos

·       Charging handheld devices

·       Small appliances

To care for all these needs, house batteries need to be high capacity, with the ability to provide high amp/hour power. But this leads to adding weight to the coach, while taking needed space with battery banks consisting of large cells and or a number of cells connected in parallel. Additionally, these batteries are expensive and must be maintained. The greater the demand for power in the RV the faster the batteries discharge. The more they discharge, the longer it takes to recharge them.

More and more RV's are supplied with high capacity inverters making it possible to have AC while not connected to shore power. Yet even if no loads are being powered from the inverter, the inverter itself takes power from the house batteries draining them for no real reason. For this reason, many manufacturers have equipped the inverters they make with the capability of switching them with a remote control. That way the inverter can be controlled from in the coach if they are routed to do so. However, that usually requires the coach owner to have cabling routed and installed in the RV.

To save battery power the RV owner should turn off the inverter when not using AC loads. Oops, a problem. What if you have loads that can't be turned off say...through the night at least not all night. Devices like residential refrigerators or other essential loads should not be left off for extended periods of time. Guess you have to get up several times a night...or you get something to control power from your inverter, cycling it off and on automatically. Something like IntelliVerter. As far as we know, the first product of it's type on the market.


How does IntelliVerter Work?

IntelliVerter cycles power automatically by switching* your existing inverter. The time off and on are selectable and programmable from within your coach. The IntelliVerter has two outputs, one of which controls the inverter using the remote port. The inverter output timing cycle can be bypassed remotely, allowing the use of devices directly connected to the inverter AC output like TV's.

The auxiliary output cycles off and on at the same programmed rate as the inverter output. If you bypass the inverter timing cycle, the auxiliary output continues to cycle at the rate programmed. That means if you have a refrigerator or other load tied to the auxiliary output^ it will continue to cycle, but you can watch TV with no interruption. Let's see you do that with an inverter remote. But perhaps you want to bypass the timing cycle on that auxiliary output. No problem, that's also a remote function. Bypassing the auxiliary output timing cycle will turn on the output and automatically turn on the inverter.

When you are through watching TV or using your inverter and or the auxiliary output, the remote allows you to return to the normal timing cycle.

IntelliVerter comes with BattStat. What is that? Check it out at ../BattStat/battstat.html.

* Note: IntelliVerter is not intended to switch the battery leads to the inverter. It provides a "dry" contact that switches the control of the inverter. This contact is considered pilot duty and is rated at no more than 1 amp.

^ Note: The auxiliary output provides a "dry" contact that can operate a remote relay. The auxiliary output contact is considered pilot duty and is rated at no more than 1 amp.

How Effective is the IntelliVerter?

Let me tell you a sad story, sad but true. My wife and I purchased a new RV. Fancy in my book complete with a French Door Residential

The coach came with a 1000 watt inverter and two "deep cycle" 12 volt batteries. After charging while driving all day, we stopped for the night and awoke to the LP sensor beeping 3 hours later. No gas leak, it was low voltage on the house battery. Great...started the generator at 1:30 in the morning.

After a few nights of this I was ready to sell the RV and go home. I made the situation somewhat better by changing the batteries out to two 6 volt "golf cart" batteries connected in series. Then I could go 7 1/2 hours on the batteries (I turned the furnace way down). No more room for additional batteries now what? Ok, that's why I made the IntelliVerter. But, since you're not my therapist let me get to the point.

After installing the IntelliVerter on my coach, the 7 1/2 hours of run time extended to 36 hours. I had a remote temp readout in my freezer and the temperature never went above 13 degrees. Of course, no one opened the freezer during that time and the heat was not on in the coach. Your results could vary based upon the insulation of the refrigerator and the ambient temperature. NOTE: The RV was powering only the load of the refrigerator for this test.


IntelliVerter Android Bluetooth Application is available on Google Play

You can also download it below by clicking the image.

Screen shot of IntelliVerter Android Bluetooth Application












A list of compatable inverters and instructions for the operation of the IntelliVerter can be found by following this hyperlink.


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